Become A Member Of A Super Exclusive Club For Freedom-Lovers And High Achievers with the Exceptionally Limited
Founder's Edition Ticket

And Get Our Highest Level Of Perks, Benefits, And Support - For LIFE!

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The Best Thing You Can Do For Your Future...

The Founder’s Edition Ticket is our highest available level of ticket for the Expat Money Summit and comes jam-packed with the most features, benefits, and perks.

You see, you're not just getting a ticket for 1 event...’re joining a prestigious club of high achieving, freedom-loving expats from around the world to get unprecedented perks and benefits, plus a supportive and like-minded community you can truly connect with.

For life!

Due to the nature of the benefits included with this ticket, it’s limited to just 25 people, and will never be offered again in this form.

Here’s What You Get With The Expat Money Summit Founder’s Edition Ticket

VIP 2022: All VIP benefits from this year's event included.

SUMMIT VIP FOR LIFE: Lifetime access to all future editions of The Expat Money Summit at the VIP Ticket level. (Value: $5970+)

THE HUB MEMBERSHIP: Lifetime access to the exclusive and private member's club with regular networking and social activities (value: $6000+)

THE ROCKSTAR TREATMENT: Get discounts on all future live conferences (first in 2023), and be treated like a rockstar with free drinks, exclusive dinners with Mikkel and other speakers, and much more when you get there. (value: $5000+)

WE ACCEPT BITCOIN: Use Bitcoin to join this exclusive club. To take advantage of this, simply send us an email on

EMAIL CONSULTATION: Unlimited, direct email support from Mikkel and the Expat Money Team: Ask any expat-related question, and we'll get back to you within 48 hours! (Value: $5000+)

NFT MEMBERSHIP TOKEN: Exclusive, limited-edition, collectible NFT that grants you all the Founder's Edition perks (can be fully traded!) (value: priceless)

FIRST IN LINE: You'll be invited first for exclusive masterminds, workshops, and meetups virtually and in-person. (value: priceless)

The Founder's Edition Ticket has a total value of $21,970+ (assuming 10 years of use) and is strictly limited to just 25 participants. Once they're gone, they will not be available again in this form.

"The Founders Ticket was The Best Expat Investment that I have made!"

My personal experience with the Founders Ticket has been EXCELLENT! Before this event and even after I have needed assistance with a few things during my Expat Journey and Mikkel has personally taken care of me answering all of my questions and going above and beyond that he also put me into contact with others to move my action plans forward. The Founders Ticket was The Best Expat Investment that I have made! I recommend it to anyone who has decided that this will be your new Lifestyle.

Rosarito, Mexico

Front Row Seats To An Exciting Future Of Expat Events

We at Expat Money are on a mission to revolutionize the Expat landscape, and this online Summit is just the beginning.

By getting the Founder’s Edition Ticket you’ll be a lifetime VIP at any of our future events.

Here’s what we’re planning in the very near future:

✨ The Expat Money Summit: Yearly - Founder's Edition Ticket holders get complimentary access at VIP level.

✨ The Expat Money Live Conference: First one is expected in 2023. Founder's Edition Ticket holders get first access and a sizeable discount now and forever.

✨ Expat Money Live Masterminds and Exclusive Workshops: These super-exclusive events (20 people or less!) are coming in the near future. Founder's Edition Ticket holders get first dibs on the extremely limited seats.

✨ Expat Exploration and Investment Tours: Get invited to visit exotic locations with Mikkel Thorup himself as he does his boots-on-the-ground research for new expat hotspots and join in on the due diligence process while he scours the world for opportunities with outrageous returns.

Plus, tons more to come.

We’re only just getting started.

Cutting-Edge Collectible NFT 

The Founder’s Edition Ticket will be attached to an NFT which can be publicly sold or traded on the marketplace.

Be careful though: If you decide to sell or transfer ownership of your NFT you will lose all your Founder’s privileges.

Think of it as a badge or a highly coveted collectable from this live event. We want to reward people who not only attended the first of our events but also got the highest level of tickets on offer.

Down the road, this NFT will act as your access to special lounges, discounts, and the full rockstar treatment at our events. Watch this space!

Bitcoin Accepted!

For the Founder's Edition membership, we also accept Bitcoin as a method of payment. To take advantage of this, simply contact us on and we'll send you the full details.

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