Rob Cosman

Living In Costa Rica Running My Online Business

A Talk by Rob Cosman (Entrepreneur, Selling From The Beach)

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Interested in being a digital nomad in Costa Rica? Wondering about the lifestyle and what you can expect living there? Rob Cosman tells his story of leaving Canada and moving his family to beautiful Costa Rica and how he runs a very profitable business from the beach.

07 November 2022, 04:30 PM

04:30 PM - 04:55 PM

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Rob Cosman

Rob Cosman

Entrepreneur, Selling From The Beach

Rob Cosman is a 7-figure Amazon eCommerce seller, author and Canadian CPA. He runs his own firm along with his wife Marsha, servicing Canadian eCommerce sellers. Rob and his family of four moved to Costa Rica from Canada five years ago and continue their business remotely and enjoy no more winters!