Patrick Hiebert

Panama: Building Freedom and Self-Sustaining Communities

A Talk by Patrick Hiebert (Co-Founder, EcoVillages)

About this Talk

Don’t miss this extremely unique presentation about Veritas Village in Panama. Veritas Village is an EcoVillages designed freedom and sustainability-oriented community being designed now and will be located in the highlands of Panama. If you are tired of relying on corporations and governments for your well-being and being bound by mandates and rules outside of your control, you may want to consider living in Veritas Village with like-minded people who support each other and appreciate true freedom. To learn more about Patrick's work and the communities he is building please email [email protected] 

08 November 2022, 03:00 PM

03:00 PM - 04:00 PM

About The Speakers

Patrick Hiebert

Patrick Hiebert

Co-Founder, EcoVillages

Patrick Hiebert is a Partner and Co-Founder of EcoVillages.Life, a Sustainable, Eco-Sensible and Freedom oriented community and home design, development and marketing company. He is also the Founder of Vida Verde Agroforestry, a company focused on the sustainable combining of agriculture with forestry.