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Free Ticket


Yes, 100% free!

✅ Free 24-Hour Access To Every Expat Money Summit Presentation*

With the free ticket you'll have 24 hours to view each of the 25+ sessions after they go live.

After this time they will be locked away in the Expat Money Summit Vault.

*VIP-Exclusive Sessions Are Not Included.

  • Access to Live Broadcasts and Replays
  • Access 4 Non-VIP categories
  • Valid for 24 hours from live talks

VIP Ticket


(One-Time Payment)

The VIP Ticket gives unrestricted access to all sessions of the Expat Money Summit 2022!


Backstage Pass: Come meet and hang out with the speakers and organizers virtually.

Exclusive sessions: Gold vs Crypto debate, Tax Strategies Panel, and more to be announced later.

Post-Summit Exclusive Q&A: Featuring Expat Money Summit Host & Founder, Mikkel Thorup. Recordings will also be made available if you can't make the live call.

Watch Parties and Social After-Hour Events

Lifetime Access: Watch any session at your convenience, or come back to it later when you need it!

PDF Transcripts: Read all the sessions, or store the information for easy reference later

Video and Audio Downloads: View or listen to the content on any device, anywhere.

  • Access to Live Broadcasts and Replays
  • All Categories & Sessions available

Founder's Edition


(One-Time Payment)

The Founder's Edition Ticket is an invitation, limited to just 25 people, to join an exclusive expat club, and get our highest level of benefits and perks in the process.



SUMMIT VIP FOR LIFE: Lifetime access to all future editions of The Expat Money Summit at VIP Ticket level. (Value: $5970+)

HUB MEMBERSHIP: Lifetime access to our exclusive and private member's club: THE HUB with regular networking and socialising activities (value: $6000+)

THE ROCKSTAR TREATMENT: Get discounts on all future live conferences (first in 2023), and be treated like a rockstar with free drinks, exclusive dinners, and much more when you get there. (value: $5000+)

EMAIL CONSULTATION: Unlimited, direct email support from Mikkel and the Expat Money Team: Ask any expat-related question, and we'll get back to you within 48 hours! (Value: $5000+)

NFT MEMBERSHIP TOKEN: Exclusive, limited-edition, collectible NFT that grants you all the Founder's Edition perks (can be fully traded!) (value: priceless)

FIRST IN LINE: You'll be invited first for exclusive masterminds, workshops, and meetups virtually and in-person. (value: priceless)

✅ BITCOIN ACCEPTED: To use Bitcoin as a payment method, simply contact us on support@expatmoney.com and we'll reply with the details on how to proceed.

The Founder's Edition Ticket has a total value of $21,970+ (assuming 10 years of use) and is strictly limited to just 25 participants. Once the 25 Founder's Edition tickets are gone, they will not be available again in this form.

  • Access to Live Broadcasts and Replays
  • All Categories & Sessions available