Michael Strong

Co-Founder, Expat International School Michael Strong is co-founder of The Expat International School, a virtual school, and one of the most experienced designers of innovative schools in the world. Michael is the author of two books, dozens of articles, has been interviewed on a wide range of media, spoken at Harvard, MIT, Dartmouth, Cornell, Columbia, the University of Chicago, to name a few.

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Michael Strong is one of the most experienced designers of innovative school programs in the United States. His projects include a public school program in which minority female students gained four years’ worth of critical thinking gains in four months (on the Watson-Glaser). He later went into Montessori secondary school program design at The Judson Montessori School (San Antonio), The Emerson School, and Hacienda School. He created The Winston Academy, where middle school students passed AP exams, making it the most academically advanced school in the country at the time. To learn more about Expat International School, go to https://ExpatSchool.io

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