Update: The Summit is now finished! Thank you to everyone who participated and to our great speakers for sharing their expert knowledge and experience. See you for more Expat Money events happening in 2023!

Reclaim Your Freedom From Chaos And Uncertainty, Build A Dream Life Abroad, And Maximize Your Returns With ZERO Worry...

Dear fellow Freedom-Seeker,

With global chaos and uncertainty at an all-time high, it's become abundantly clear that time is running out to ensure a worry-free and enjoyment-filled future of freedom and opportunity.

You MUST start building alternative opportunities to be prepared for when your current lifestyle comes crashing down by sudden policy changes, rampant inflation, tax hikes, governments illegally confiscating funds, or reductions in freedoms brought on by war, conflict, or even another pandemic.

Sounds complicated?

It's not.

At least not, when you know the right people.

Here in the Expat Money Summit, you'll get front row tickets (for free!) to presentations and masterclasses by over 30 experts with decades of experience in Plan-B second residencies, citizenships, international real estate, foreign investments, tax mitigation, wealth protection and much more.

They'll help and inspire you to build a plan of action for securing your new life abroad, reclaiming your freedom, and ensuring that all current and future generations of your family are taken care of.


Watch For A Week,
Reap The Benefits For Generations.

The ideas and concepts you will learn from the Expat Money Summit can literally guarantee the well-being of your family for generations, and you’ll always have options when the world changes against your current lifestyle.

And, by the way — the experts presenting at the Expat Money Summit routinely charge hundreds, and in some cases, thousands of dollars per hour in consultation fees. 

By getting a free ticket you’re leveraging their decades of experience to set up your own expat life, which could save (and make) you millions of dollars down the line.

That’s why we can say for certain, that you will NOT find a better return on investment ANYWHERE else.


The Online Expat Event of The Year

The Expat Money Summit is a 5-day virtual conference, featuring presentations, sessions, and networking events on the following topics:

✴️ Migration

✴️ Residencies

✴️ Citizenships

✴️ Wealth Protection

✴️ Investments

✴️ The Expat Lifestyle

And much, much more!

It’s 100% free to attend and watch the sessions for 24 hours after each has been made available. 

The Expat Money Summit: Watch For a Week - Reap the Benefits for Generations!



Meet your host:
Mikkel Thorup

Hey, I’m Mikkel Thorup - founder of Expat Money, the host of The Expat Money Podcast and this Summit.

I’ve been an expat for 22 years and travelled to over 100 countries to build unforgettable life experiences, and knowledge so that I can best help others who are trying to live an expat life themselves.

I have helped hundreds of private clients with immigration, investments, wealth protection, as well as a plethora of other areas that come with expat life.

Through my vast network with professionals across the globe, I ensure that you get the absolute best deal and service, with no wasted time spinning your wheels not knowing what to do.

I’m really excited to present this new series of events, the Expat Money Summit, so please, grab a free ticket and join us for what we believe will be the biggest expat conference online ever.


Become Part Of A Movement Of Global Expats and High-Achievers!

The Expat Money Summit 2022 is the very first event in a series of annual events and conferences, intended to not only provide information, solutions, and ideas for would-be expats, but to bring people together who share the same values and ideas to network, socialise, and grow together.

The Expat Summit 2022 is entirely virtual, but look out for our in-person events sometime in the near future!


What People Say About Us.

"Mikkel is the real deal!"

There are so many ‘experts’ giving horrible ex-pat advice who have never left the States or have visited only a few countries. Mikkel is the real deal! He saved me a ton of time and energy navigating problematic issues that real-life experience can only solve. - Matt J

"...One of the best moves I could have ever done."

I looked all over for something negative and Nowhere was there a negative comment. ALL Positive so I contacted you and it’s been one of the best moves I could have ever done. Not only have I made a great friend, but my wife and I are now Panamanian Residents and traveling to and from the US with ease! - Joe U

“Mikkel has done a super job of helping my wife and I create a clear plan for expatriate success!"

With his network of professionals in real estate, investments, CPA’s, residency process, etc, it has been both a huge time saver and created peace of mind, working with a trusted team! Thank you my friend” - Keith Joseph of Scottsdale, Arizona

“While looking for solutions to protect my family, our freedom, and assets, I was very fortunate to discover Mikkel."

Working with him to diversify myself and my assets globally was the single best desicion I have made in many years. It was a perfect fit and we clicked immediately. Mikkel has helped me and my family in so many ways its hard to put into words. And I have seen firsthand how he is helping other amazing people. His contact network and expertise can literally change your life. Do yourself a favor and reach out to Mikkel!” - Anders Andersen of Norway

Expect honest, actionable advice without any sugarcoating or fluff to quickly make progress towards your end goals."

From the moment you start working with Mikkel, you will experience what full service really means. He will take the time to make sure you understand fully your options and remain by your side at moment's notice if you encounter anything unexpected. Expect honest, actionable advice without any sugarcoating or fluff to quickly make progress towards your end goals. - Michael Q. Austin Texas, USA


Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost?

We offer a free ticket, which includes access to all regular presentations for up to 24 hours after they have been released.

The VIP Ticket offers lifetime access to all recordings, and a series of bonuses.

The Founder's Ticket offers our highest levels of bonuses, including everything from VIP, and the highest level of personal support from the Expat Money team.

Check out the ticket options here

What if I can't make it live for the sessions?

The event uses EST as the main time zone, but you can watch any session up to 24 hours after release

Once 24 hours have passed you’ll need to purchase a Premium Ticket to continue watching.

What do you get with the VIP Ticket?

Surround yourself with action-takers, high-achievers, and successful expats so you can build your dream life abroad, grow your wealth, pay less taxes, and ensure freedom and security for your family.


Watch any of the 40+ sessions at your convenience, or come back to it later when you need the information, inspiration, or ideas!


So that you can watch everything at any time, offline and on any device.


Read or listen to all the sessions, or print out the sessions for easy reference later.


Watch the following panel sessions, featuring industry experts:

* Gold vs Crypto (Panel Debate)

* The Future of Governance (Panel Discussion)

Exclusive to premium ticket holders. Recordings will also be made available.


Come meet and hang out with the speakers and organizers, Friday the 11th of November, at 7PM Eastern in our virtual conference environment.


There's a lot to digest at the Expat Money Summit. Come get your questions answered live by Mikkel Thorup in this exclusive live Q&A on November 19, 7 PM.


The information contained in these 40+ sessions can make or save you millions of dollars, help you avoid pain and suffering, and ensure the best future for you and your family - it's a complete no-brainer for any current or aspiring expat!

Plus, you don't have to stress over watching every session this week. Take it at your pace, get the content in the format you prefer with the Expat Money Summit VIP Ticket.

But, please act now as the VIP Ticket goes away on November 12 at Midnight, Eastern.

What do you get with the Founder’s Edition Ticket?

Includes All benefits from VIP listed above.


Lifetime access to all future editions of The Expat Money Summit at the VIP Ticket level.


Lifetime access to the exclusive and private members-only club with regular networking and social activities.


Get discounts on all future live conferences (first in 2023), and be treated like a rockstar with free drinks, exclusive dinners with Mikkel and fellow speakers, and much more when you get there.


Unlimited, direct email support from Mikkel Thorup and the Expat Money Team: Ask any expat-related questions, and we'll get back to you within 48 hours!


Exclusive, limited-edition, collectible NFT that grants you all the Founder's Edition perks (can be fully traded!)


You'll be invited first for exclusive masterminds, workshops, and meetups virtually and in person.


Final Thoughts...

Here's the thing...

You could stay where you are, to try and weather the storm. 

But, unfortunately, recent events are indicative that things are only about to get worse. 

There is so much happening around the world today, which directly threatens the lifestyle of many millions of people. 

Only those who take the initiative to develop alternative solutions and backup plans will be able to come out on top in the end.

At the end of the day, your government is not going to look out for you, protect your freedom or improve your quality of life for you or your family. 

You have to do it yourself, for the present and for the future. 

But, don't worry. 

We're here to help you get started and succeed on your new freedom-finding mission.

Simply click the button below to grab your free ticket! (Available for a limited time only.)