Jennings Wright

Self-Sufficiency And Sustainability For Teen Moms In Uganda’s Largest Slum

A Talk by Jennings Wright (Founder, 10 Eighteen Uganda)

About this Talk

Jennings Wright founded Ten Eighteen Uganda in 2009 and over the past 14 years her accomplishments have been incredible. Jennings explains charity. What is good charity and what is bad charity. Listen in to hear why Ten Eighteen is different and how you can get involved.

11 November 2022, 06:30 PM

06:30 PM - 06:55 PM

About The Speakers

Jennings Wright

Jennings Wright

Founder, 10 Eighteen Uganda

Jennings Wright is a serial entrepreneur, author, and former expat. She founded Ten Eighteen Uganda in 2009, working with Ugandan organizations to develop sustainable local solutions to the difficult problems caused by extreme poverty. Since 2019, Jennings has been working with teen moms and teen girls in Uganda’s largest slum, Namuwongo.