Larry Simon

Director, Fort Kobbe Vaults Larry Simon was drafted into the defence force in South Africa, where he became an officer and spent 10 years in service. He built and ran successful businesses in South Africa until his departure to Panama, where he is the Director at Fort Kobbe Vaults in the Free Trade Zone of Panama Pacifico.

About this speaker

Just out of school, Larry Simon was drafted into the defence force to complete a mandatory year and spent ten years in service. So as not to waste his time there, he became an officer, which added interest and excitement. His passion for business was ignited when he started accounting articles. As he gained more experience and exposure during his career, building and running successful businesses, he enjoyed the type of work, the varied experiences of meeting interesting people and of course, new challenges. During his time in South Africa, he did accounting articles, worked for a project engineering company, sold insurance, worked for a national sewing machine distributor and retail shop company, ran a small investment company and finally purchased a plastic extrusion and injection moulding company. He has now invested time and effort in Panama as he sees the vast potential of this country, perfectly positioned in the Americas, with great tax incentives in the Free Trade Zone of Panama Pacifico, excellent access to the Americas and Europe, friendly people and good infrastructure.


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